"A beautifully written supernatural thriller."

-Booklist on The Boys of Summer

"The mind-blowing aspects of this complex, challenging novel sneak up on you."

Barnes & Noble on The Boys of Summer


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The Boys of Summer

The God Particle cover art Praise for The Boys of Summer.

"The mind-blowing aspects of this complex, challenging novel sneak up on you. There’s no sudden left turn, but rather a dawning realization of something greater occurring, just beneath the surface—something you would’ve noticed all along, if you were just paying attention to the right things. It all builds slowly, inexorably, to a climax that involves a storm to end all storms. And it is glorious." - Barnes & Noble

"This beautifully written supernatural thriller will no doubt remind some readers of Stephen King’s It, and perhaps also of Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River, but make no mistake: this is no knockoff. Cox’s story is vibrantly original and his characters are intricately detailed."
- Booklist

"The Boys of Summer is difficult to qualify. It is speculative fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, incorporating political, economic, and religious philosophies. It reminds me simultaneously of Stand by Me, The Omen, and The Truman Show." - Lone Star Literary Life

Thomas World

The God Particle cover art Praise for Thomas World.

"Reading Thomas World is like gazing into the fragments of a shattered mirror and seeing someone else's face reflected back. I couldn't tear my eyes away, and after I put the book down, it stayed with me as a little voice in my head insisting: 'None of this is real.' Wildly hallucinatory, disturbingly schizoid, and bloody marvellous!" - Mark Hodden, Philip K. Dick Award-winning author of The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

"A crackling thriller brimming with both paranoia and philosophical conundrums." - KA Bedford, author of Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait

"Thomas World made me forget I was on an airplane. Cox communicates his plot beautifully interlacing heartwarming scenes with the bleakness of a man's life coming down around him. To fans of Philip K. Dick, or films like Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I think Thomas World will be right in the wheel house." - Staffers Musings

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The God Particle

The God Particle cover art Reviews for The God Particle.

Barnes & Noble: "A speculative masterwork...Comparable to "consciousness- expanding" novels like James L. Halperin's The First Immortal, Stephen Baxter's Evolution, and Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt, Cox's ambitious second novel fearlessly explores the gray area between science and religion with both tact and insight. The God Particle is a cerebral page-turner of the highest order; readers will find it practically impossible to put this book down before getting to the last page."

Kirkus Reviews: "Laden with eye-popping special effects, Cox's follow-up to his 2004 debut (Rift) turns on speculative high-energy physics and the Higgs boson...A gripper of a yarn, swatting around really big ideas."

Publishers Weekly: "A bizarre human experiment complicates a physicist's quest for the Nobel Prize in Cox's engaging, challenging second novel, a wryly comic thriller that incorporates several concepts from modern particle theory."

Booklist: "This is an imaginative mix of mystery and fantasy."

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In an age where reality and science fiction are colliding, Richard Cox's extraordinary debut thriller takes its place as an all-too-believable novel of white-knuckle adventure. For when an ordinary man makes one great leap for mankind, he triggers a chain of events that endangers his life, fractures his certainty, and plunges everyone he knows into a place where nothing is what it seems.

Cameron Fisher is bored. With his wife, Misty. With his job as an accountant at NeuroStor, the high-tech microchip firm. With everything about his life--until he is offered five million dollars to test a secret new technology that uses a wrinkle in quantum physics to transmit matter from one place to another. A company's high-stakes brainchild is ready for its first human test. And Cameron Fisher is all too happy to oblige.

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